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Vaccine progress reveals resource gaps in developing countries. Lancet Vol 11, March 2011

considering that extract of some relevant links could easily fit in the GAVI CSO Constituency website; particularly, the statement by GAVI interim CEO, Helen Evans, on the eve of WHO's Immunisation week starting from 23rd April.

Over 180 countries prepare to celebrate WHO's Immunisation WeekCountries around the world will demonstrate their commitment toimmunisationand the power of vaccines from 23 to 30 April by participating in theWHO-led initiative of Immunisation Week. Join the celebrationsand advocate for every child to have access to the vaccines they need.

Everybody is talking about vaccinesView the statements on immunisation by WHO's Director-General DrMargaret Chan and the WHO Regional Directors.

The vaccine campaign to save four million children's lives in five years is underway. See what is happening at

Bill Gates presented Living Proof - a showcase of the incredible progressbeing achieved with vaccines and development - in Paris and Berlin thismonth.

President of the European Commission, José Manuel Durão Barroso, joins leaders all over the world in talking about vaccines. Read what they aresaying.

GAVI reports from the fieldYemen"I am happy I lived to see Yemen introduce pneumococcal vaccine to theirchildren..." Watch the film of the launch.

Afghanistan"We're working with our partners in-country who are bursting withinnovationand enthusiasm." Read the blog.

Run up to 13 JuneRead the case for Investing in vaccines

Partners in immunisationDFID's "Who we work with" profiles its work with GAVI.

Who's saying whatVictor Makwenge Kaput, Minister of Health, The Democratic Republic ofCongo:"We work together with GAVI and its partners to seize this opportunity,and save millions of additional lives..."

Pneumococcal vaccine rollouts this monthFollow the rollouts in The Democratic Republic of Congo and Honduras

Best from social mediaGAVI Board Chair _Dagfinn Høybråten's blog "Vaccines drive primary healthcare in Ethiopia"

Listen to _GAVI's Interim CEO Helen Evans' radio interview in Australia

New IRC membersGAVI is seeking new members for the Independent Review Committee(IRC) Applications now open.

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The Dose Special Partners Forum final v2

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